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Academic Programs

Core academics are augmented by art, music, physical education, and computer literacy. Extracurricular activities include a full range of sports, drama, and music performance.

Computer and Technology Literacy

Computer are available for student use in all classrooms.  There are also hand-held devices for students in every classroom. Teachers incorporate the use of Chromebooks or Ipads into daily lesson plans, and  students have access to a wide range of online educational resources such as Mathletics, IXL Learning, and Khan Academy.

SMART Boards are in every classroom, with a generous grant from the Riordan Foundation,  and give teachers an additional education tool that makes learning meaningful and provides interactive participation from students.

Music Performance

Music is an important part of the curriculum at Saints Peter and Paul School. Students receive weekly music instruction, focused on song and sight reading. Students also participate in the Christmas and Spring Musical Performances. Primary grade students are introduced to music performance on the recorder.


Art instruction is included weekly, with comprehensive lesson planning through ART TREK – provided through a grant from the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese. Lessons include art history, method and hands-on mastery of skills to create a variety of art forms.

School Library

A school library and library corners in every classroom offer students a variety of grade appropriate literature to choose from. The school library is staffed by a volunteer librarian.

After-school Childcare

On-campus after-school childcare will be offered when a minimum number of families sign up to participate. Many families opt to participate in the after-school program of the Wilmington Boys and Girls Club, who we have partnered with, and students are picked up by bus from the school grounds. Students are supervised to complete homework assignments and have access to a variety of arts, crafts, and sports activities which are scheduled outdoors and indoors, depending on weather.

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