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2023-2024 Tuition Information 

Payments are made electronically through FACTS Tuition Management. Registration is complete upon online FACTS enrollment by the responsible party. Those families who pay the “True Cost” of tuition are exempt from fundraising.

Number of Students

Monthly Tuition

(12 Months)

Annual Tuition


True Cost 

1 $366.67 $4,400 $7,500
2 $650 $7,800 $15,000
3 $925 $11,100 $22,500
4 $1,166.67 $14,000 $30,000

Registration Fees

$375 per student

Additional Payment Options

FACTS: All choosing a monthly payment plan are required to register for the FACTS automated system. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account, twelve monthly payments, beginning in July and ending in June . FACTS has annual service charge of $50 per family.

Pay In-Office: Office payments may be arranged. If you choose this method you are required to make payments according a schedule agreed upon by both parties. A $10.00 late charge will be applied each time a payment is missed without prior authorization.

Scholarships: Please speak to the principal or the school rector for further information. Call the school office at  310-834-5574.

Additional Requirements of Each Family

  1. Volunteer Service Hours – Each family is asked to donate a total of 25 volunteer hours during the academic year. There are many events on campus that require parent volunteers and many opportunities to help teachers to complete these service hours. The first 15 hours must be completed by January, 2024, and the remaining 10 hours must be completed by May, 2024. Any unfulfilled hours will be billed at $17/ hour in May.
  2. Fundraising – Each family is required to fundraise $550 during the school year. There are monthly opportunities to fundraise through activities, such candy sales, raffles, etc. Each family is required to sell 100 raffle tickets per year. This will count towards your fundraising quota.
  3. Emergency Kit Fee – $30.00 per student
  4. Graduation Fee (8th Grade Only)- $350. Payment arrangements can be made with the office.

Contact Us

Saints Peter and Paul School

706 Bay View Avenue
Wilmington CA 90744
Phone: 310-834-5574
Fax: 310-241-6921